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About FINS

The Forum for Integrated National Security, founded in 2003, is a fast emerging non-governmental think tank in India engaged in the studies of integrated national security. Apolitical and humanitarian in approach, the forum has already conducted various research studies in strategic governance through its study groups on select topics of national and international interest. The objective of FINS is to share the information based on research with the governments and organisations with a concern for the well being of people for quality life and peaceful coexistence.

SAGAR Discourse

The objective of SAGAR Discourse is scholarly examination of the issues related to integrated ocean governance for the advantage of all parties in a win-win situation invoking the concept of ocean property comprising ocean advantage (strategic and tactical benefits of ocean), ocean resources, oceanic islands, and ocean environment and climate. Maximisation of ocean property related to a geopolitical entity is the desired outcome of integrated national security governance. Participation is the key in dealing with a colossal and multidimensional global commons such as the ocean with comparatively limited jurisdictional averment. Though the strategic perimeter is vast—as vast as the ocean itself—the discourse aims at select topics of importance related to the ocean as presentations, panel discussions and guest dialogues.

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SAGAR Discourse 1.0 - Inaugural Address

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